Kumamoto Castle

Main tower of Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto castle is an impregnable fortress with unique architectural features that is known as one of the most famous castles in Japan.)

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By outbreak of the terrible Kumamoto Earthquake in April,2016,

all the gates to pay-area of the Kumamoto Castle are closed now.

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Kumamoto is blessed with old history,culture, and the rich nature, including two National Parks, Unzen Amakusa to the west, and Aso Kuju to the east. Kumamoto city, currently with a population of over 730,000, is the seat of the prefecture. Despite the modern appearance of the city, you may feel the old nostalgic atmosphere, brought about by the remains of the feudal days, found in the castle town it once was.


Your sightseeing in Kumamoto will be enjoyable and memorable with the assistance of Kumamoto volunteer guides. Cheerful and hospitality-minded guides will guide you in and around Kumamoto city.
We even offer guides that speak English, Korean and Chinese if needed.


If you would like use the Kumamoto Volunteer Guide Services please contact us for an application form. Fill in the form, and send it back to our office, at least 3 days prior to your intended date.


Areas: in and around Kumamoto City.
Guiding hours: 9 am. To 5 pm.


Other details: Please ask the Kumamoto Volunteer Guides group for more information.